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Rhythm Runner SongRush Coming Soon

While Android users may have been left out in the cold with regards to Bit.Trip’s musical platformer Runner 2, a new rhythm based endless running game called SongRush is coming our way soon with some unique new tricks of its own. This action adventure title from famed developer BulkyPix stars the boot scootin’ Ink as he slides, dodges, and jumps his way through cel shaded levels. Timing is everything as scores are judged based on a Guitar Hero style combo system.


Rather than rely on traditional or even randomly generated level design, SongRush dynamically constructs new stages and challenges based on your existing music library. Different styles of music will yield different types of stages and enemies. Fast paced electronic music makes for rapid running and jumping while something slower like jazz will focus on a more technical approach.

IMG_0593Screen (1)

An Online leaderboard system will allow friends to compete for the best score on their favorite songs and tournaments will be held highlighting certain genres and artists.

So when will we get to play this unique new runner? SongRush is due out in early July and is expected to be free to play.

Developer Website – BulkyPix

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