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Eternity Warriors 2 Review

Eternity Warriors 2 is an action-RPG game developed and published by Glu. The game is centered around linear arenas, found in one of multiple locations, with an objective to kill all enemies and after that – defeat a boss. At the start, you’ll actually have to go from the start point of the dungeon to the end, but later that changes and becomes a wave-attack, in which enemies are spawned in waves, with each next wave being stronger than the previous one. There are also boss-runs and big dragon hunts as side-modes to play.

Unlike other RPGs though, Eternity Warriors 2 offers no character choice. You play as a male warrior that uses big two handed and dual-wielded weapons. There are no customization options for appearance other than the armor pieces and weapons you’re using. Skill-wise, the game is also far behind the competition, with only three skills available…though they are at least upgradable. These skills are: Dash, Block and Charge. Skill upgrades are also pretty lacking. All three skills have one one set of upgrades that adds a bonus effect, one set for damage increase and one for rage (mana) cost reduction.

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Despite that, the game actually features one really cool option that is missing from most modern RPGs – random items. Here, when you obtain an item from a chest or a boss, it can be white (basic) or colored (rare) item, with randomized stats on it. These can be health bonuses, elemental damage etc. Personally I love having that, as opposed to games such as Dungeon Hunter 3 where gear was linear and lacked variety. The equipment you buy or find can also be upgraded using elements you find. Each time you upgrade your item, it’ll require more elements and of a higher level.

The graphics in the game are good for a mobile RPG, but often I see a frame-rate drop, especially when many enemies spawn at the same time, which I find really weird since it’s not a demanding game and I’m playing it on a pretty good device (Samsung Galaxy S2). Armor designs are also pretty well made, with a good variaty and each armor part changes the character body part corresponding to it. The music though is a bit of a mixed bag. While the music they included is good, it’s just very short and lacking in number. Instead of making it a constant loop, they left gaps between the replaying of the dungeon music, which doesn’t change anyway, so loop would’ve made much more sense.

Last but not least, the monetization. It’s a free game, and it’s made by Glu…that doesn’t sound good…but actually, it’s not bad. Obviously, they sell very overpriced and over-powered items, but buying them is not forced. The downside is that to avoid the forcing, you’ll have to take your time in the early dungeons, if you try to rush it, you’ll have no chance what so ever in the later ones. Mastering the Block skill is also required to avoid issues later on. One way to get around the balance issues is to play in multiplayer with friends, which can make things easier, but beware of public games, they often have people with over-powered equipment, which can ruin your fun of beating the dungeon.


Overall, if you don’t mind some level-grinding, it’s a pretty good game to spend your spare 15 minutes while waiting on a bus stop, or your coffee break.


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Eternity Warriors 2 Review Kristian Ivanov



Summary: While Eternity Warriors 2 has great graphics and good combat, however there are occasional frame rate drops and it's somewhat lacking in the music department.



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