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Hero Of Many Review

Hero of Many is a bit hard to describe, as it is very different than anything I have experienced before. If I had to categorize it I guess I would consider it to be a ‘zen’ style of game. Don’t take that to mean that it’s going to be putting you to sleep though, as that couldn’t be further from the truth. Hero of Many is a game that will immerse you into a strange and marvellous world, both through its superb visuals and its gorgeous soundtrack. This is a game you are not likely to forget about any time soon.



In Hero of Many you control a mysterious floating white orb. Just shortly after starting the game you will find yourself befriending a large number of white sperm-like creatures that I called my “allies”. These allies are a key part of the gameplay experience as they will help you to solve puzzles, but most importantly they protect you from the enemy; the black sperm-like creatures. The combat system you will be using is quite simple, but actually really requires a lot of strategy in order to stay alive.

When entering combat you will (hopefully) be surrounded by a large number of your fellow allies. These allies will stay close to you, except when they charge off to go and attack an enemy. You have no direct control over their actions per se, but depending on the way you move the orb will play an important roll in how the battles play out. Staying in one place may make you a sort of sitting duck, which can make you an easier target for the enemy, while moving too quickly will make it difficult for your allies to keep up, which will also put you at a disadvantage. You need to find a good balance so that your allies will defeat the enemy before any the enemy can get to your orb. Just a few quick attacks will kill the orb, which will lead you to start back at the nearest checkpoint to try again.


Aside from combat there are also some puzzle elements you will encounter in the game. These puzzles usually consists of something simple like moving a block or boulder to clear yourself a path, and it is rarely difficult to figure out how to solve it. The puzzles do end up getting slightly more challenging as you progress deeper into the game, but there’s really nothing here that will stump you for too long. I wouldn’t say this is necessarily a bad thing though, as it never causes the game to become frustrating, and it means you will always be moving forward at a good pace.

One thing that gamers will either love or hate is the fact that there is no real objective to the gameplay in Hero of Many. Essentially you have to get from the beginning of the level to the end, and that’s it. No item collecting, no three star ratings, no objectives, and nothing else to really work for. I feel this was done to make the game feel more like an experience rather than a video game. You get to take the game at your own pace, and you will never be punished for taking your time, or tackling a group of enemies in the wrong way (well, aside from death, that is). I’m sure some gamers may be turned off by this ‘zen’ style of gameplay, but those that embrace what the developers have done will quickly fall in love with Hero of Many. If you’re looking for an action packed title I would suggest avoiding this one, but if you’re looking to experience one of the most unique games on android you really shouldn’t look any further than Hero of Many.



Simply touch controls. You drag your finger on the screen to direct the orbs movement. I found the controls to be very responsive, and they worked perfectly for the zen feel of the game. There is no shooting or shields to worry about in the game, so all you have to think about it your movement. The simplicity of the controls really help to immerse the player into the game.


One thing you will undoubtedly notice are the absolutely stunning graphics in Hero of Many. The developers have created a spooky and mysterious underwater world that is an absolute treat to look at. The gameplay takes place in expertly craft caves that are filled with bizarre plant life, dangerous environmental hazards, and various other unique objects that give the world a spectacular look. It is obvious the developers spent a lot of time on the graphics and level design, and I have to say their hard work has definitely paid off.

One of the best graphical features is the unique way that colour is introduced into the game. You start off with a simple black and white palette, but as you delve deeper into the game you will be treated with more and more colours, which seem to get more aesthetically pleasing the further you go. The colours the developers chose for the game are perfect, and just add perfectly to the stunning beauty that this game already had.

Another great addition, or maybe exclusion, is the fact there the game has no user interface during gameplay. This means there are no buttons, no health bars, and nothing else to distract the player from the great visuals. This just adds another layer of total immersion for the players.

Hero of Many is a real feast for the eyes. Everything is masterfully crafted, and I can say it is undoubtedly one of the best looking games available on mobile devices.



If I still haven’t convinced you that Hero of Many is a fantastic game, I suppose I will tell you about the game’s fantastic sound design. The game makes use of a minimal sound design, and this works perfectly with the game. The developers have added a beautiful ambient soundtrack into the game, and in all honesty this is one of my favorite aspects of the game. The soundtrack is a joy to listen to, and it really adds just another layer of immersion to this wonderful experience. I highly suggest wearing headphones while playing this game. You will be glad you did. Trust me.



Hero of Many is an absolutely brilliant gaming experience. The developers have created a beautiful zen gameplay experience through the use of simple controls, stunning graphics, and a beautiful ambient soundtrack. Hero of Many is unlike any other mobile game on the market, and really should be tried by everyone. The game is also pretty long, and should take the average a good couple of hours to complete.

Hero of Many is currently on sale for the low price of $1.99 thanks to an initial release launch sale. Jump on this game while the price is low, but if you happen to miss it I can assure you this game is still worth every penny. You wont experience a game anything like this anywhere else on a mobile device.

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Hero Of Many Review James Maxwell



Summary: Hero of Many is a truly stunning game that experienced experienced by everyone. The developers did a wonderful job creating a unique art style, beautiful soundtrack, and just an all around perfect 'zen' experience. Headphones are highly recommended for maximum immersion into this beautiful world. I give Hero of Many my highest recommendation.



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