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Gear Jack Runs & Jumps His Way Onto Android

Gear Jack, a beautiful new auto runner, has just sprinted its way onto Google Play. This game has been available on iOS for a while now, and it’s great to see that us android gamers now get a chance to enjoy it too.

The first thing you’re likely to notice about Gear Jack are it’s fantastic minimalistic graphics. The developers, Piwot Games, have done a great job of creating a unique and vibrant futuristic world. The color palette is very stylish, and just looks superb. Gear Jack is without a doubt one of the prettiest auto runners to date.

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Some gamers may be put off by the fact that Gear Jack is yet another auto runner. This genre is one of the most heavily created ones on the market, but luckily the developers have tried to make Gear Jack stand out and be a bit different than the others. The game consists of 30 levels, two difficulty modes, a unique trick system, and the ability to upgrade your attributes.

Gear Jack looks to be a fantastic new indie game that tries hard to have it’s own unique style. I know some gamers will be put off by the auto runner style of gameplay, but those who give the game a chance are sure to be glad they did.

Jump on over to Google Play to download your very own copy of Gear Jack for just $2.


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  • This game is worth getting for the soundtrack alone!

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