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Attack Of The Spooklings Marches Onto Android

Right on cue, indie developer Picaro games has released its innovative swipe based action game Attack Of The Spooklings. This retro slasher combines elements of Fruit Ninja and Space Invaders into one insanely addicting package.

As the sole defender of your village on a gloomy night, you see something that sends a chill through your spine. Coming out of the woods and headed straight for town are Spooklings, demonic creatures spoke of only in hushed tones whose favorite food is people. You’ll have to be brave and swipe away every last one of them if you want to live until the morning, but there’s so many its feels like they’re endless….

attackofthespooklingsss1 attackofthespooklingsss2 attackofthespooklingss4

Attack Of The Spooklings rewards those who swipe in style. Players can pull off stylish moves like taking out an entire spookling squad with one slash or tapping one at the last second.

Make no mistake about it, Attack Of The Spooklings isn’t one of those casual type games where it’s absurdly easy to cheat or pay your way to victory, it’s nostalgic yet punishing gameplay design will constantly push you to outdo your previous scores. Best of all, not an in game purchase in sight!


Addictive, unique, and more fun than a barrel of spooklings, Attack Of The Spooklings is a terrific retro title we highly recommend! It’s available for $.99 as well as a free ad supported version.


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