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Samurai Shodown II Slices Its Way Onto Android

Back in the 16-bit era of the SNES and Genesis, every major video game developer was scrambling to emulate the success of the uber popular Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat games. While most of these titles were forgettable(I’m looking at you Eternal Champions), a handful of notable games helped further refine the genre into the hyperactive tapfest that it is today. To many fans, the best of these fighters was the Samurai Shodown games which utilized a more technical approach based on swords and other weapons. While several generations have passed since then, SNK’s legendary Neo Geo fighting game Samurai Shodown II has arrived on Android in a specially made mobile edition that breathes new life into this classic 2D fighter.

samuraishodown2ss1    samuraishodownss2

Several new features have been added to the classic Samurai Shodown II formula such as an expanded move list and multiple control schemes. Rather than use the classic 4 button setup, players now also have the option to choose a more advanced 6 button layout or add an ultra simple button for pulling of powerful special moves. Samurai Shodown II also supports multiplayer over bluetooth so you can show your friends who is the best samurai once and for all.


Samurai Shodown II is arguably one of the best fighters ever made. It’s available for a hefty $8.99 on Google Play.


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