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Epic Twin Stick Shooter A Thug In Time Coming Soon

Move over Burn Zombies Burn, Destructa Mobile’s gorgeous looking new shoot ’em up A Thug In Time is coming soon to claim its rightful place as the best looking twin stick shooter on Android. Whereas most mobile shooters tend to be thinly veiled cash grabs with bare bones gameplay, A Thug In Time oozes production value with professionally animated cutscenes, Tegra 3 quality graphics, and an engaging story filled with twists and mystery.

IMG_1151 IMG_1158

Players will step into the role of an ordinary street thug who’s set on a path of vengeance after his girlfriend is murdered by a mysterious man who can travel through time. He’ll have to fight his way across the whole of space and time against an army of history’s most fearsome warriors like vikings, machine gun toting mobsters, and more if he wants to save both her and the entire planet. In addition to its slick presentation style, A Thug In Time boasts an impressive amount of content with its over 65 uniquely themed levels and upwards of 35 different weapons.


So how long do we have to wait to play this awesome looking new shooter? Not long as A Thug In Time will be launching July 16th on Google Play for free.

Developer Website – Destructa Mobile

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