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Narrative-Driven Space Adventure ‘Out There’ Coming Soon

Out There is an upcoming space adventure game that is a combined effort by Mi-Clos Studio and FibreTigre. Out There is about an astronaut that wakes up from cryonics to find himself in an unknown galaxy. He must explore the depths of space in his quest to make his way back home to Earth.


Out There is a game that is highly driven by an in depth narrative which has taken inspiration from great sources like Dune, FTL, Captain Blood, and Masters of Orion. You can pretty much be assure that this is going to be one solid story line with such solid sci-fi influences.

On your voyage back to Earth you be upgrading your ship with materials you come across in space. You will also encounter various intelligent alien species, and some mysterious ancient powers that are linked to your destiny, and the fate of mankind as well.


Some of Out There’s Key Features:

  • Navigate freely in the galaxy while managing fuel and vital resources
  • Face situations where you’ll have to make choices that will change your fate
  • Mine planets and probe stars to gather resources
  • Craft powerful equipment for your ship
  • Try to communicate with exotic civilizations. Make them your allies or enemies
  • Encounter the untold secrets of the cosmos
  • Psychedelic 70’s sci-fi comics graphics


Though no official release date has been released as of yet, Out There does stand out as one of the most intriguing titles that has been announced this year. We will keep you updated with more details about Out There’s release once it becomes available to us. In the meantime check out the game’s official website

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