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The Story of Choices Starts A New Chapter On Google Play

The Story of Choices is a new adventure game from Behold Studios that is completely driven by the choices you make. Each choice you make, no matter how big or how small will determine the path you will end up on, as well as which of the multiple endings you will receive.


You take control of the games hero, who interestingly enough is named Choices. Choices is a messenger between two kingdoms that are on the brink of war. Each decision you make will influence whether this war happens or not, so you have to choose wisely. If you choose wisely enough, who knows, you might even be able to convince the princess to marry you.

A few of The Story of Choices’ key features:

  • Multiple Endings 
  • Find out all possible outcomes
  • Endless Replayability
  • Envolving Story
  • Game created in a 36 hour game jam

The Story of Choices is free on Google Play, so download it now and see how your story unfolds.


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