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Indie Brick Breaking Game UberBall Will Blow Your Mind

An awesome new Arkanoid style game called UberBall has arrived that breathes new life into the stagnant genre. Brought to us by indie developer Igrek Productions, UberBall takes the classic Brick Breaker formula that we all know and love into exciting new directions by injecting intuitive physics based gameplay and an unapologetic retro attitude.

As was the case with its forefathers, UberBall is a game about bouncing a ball at a wall of bricks in order to bring it down. However this time around rather than use a simple paddle players will use their finger to swipe at the ball from different angles, a terrific design choice that adds a whole new dynamic to the gameplay. As the levels progress UberBall becomes a dizzying mashup of different graphics styles and even gameplay elements. One moment you’ll be peacefully bouncing a ball against a small group of blocks the next you’re fighting for your life against a giant block flinging monster who’s favorite hobby is blasting your ball away with a laser. A pumping soundtrack accompanies all this action and fluidly adjusts to the gameplay.

uberballss1 uberballss2 uberballss3


  • 9 different and colorful worlds
  • 12 powerups which help you in your quest for glory!
  • Different levels each time you play
  • Epic Boss battles!
  • 8bit styled graphics and music
  • Achievements and Leaderboards
  • Amazing Physics Simulation


UberBall is easily the best brick breaker style game on Android, it’s fun, original, and well made. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.


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