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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #2

Welcome to the second ever Indie Game Round-up here at SGD. It has been another great week for indie releases, so I’m sure at least a couple of these will catch your eye. Some of these games were released a few months ago, but they’re so good that I feel they deserve at least a little bit more recognition.

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Core Dive from Risen Games

Core Dive is a physics-based ‘labyrinth’ styled puzzle game that has you guiding a ball through a variety of different temple-esque landscapes. You will roll your ball through stages that floating in the sky all the way down to caverns at the core of the planet. The further down you go will get you ever closer to finding the secrets contained in Core Dive. There are 100 levels to complete, so you better get started right away!

Check out the gameplay trailer of Core Dive: Core Dive Trailer

cd3 cd1 cd2

Core Dive has received solid user reviews on Google Play, and looks like a game that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Roll on over to Google Play to grab this labyrinth styled puzzle game for just $0.99.



Double Rogue from Rat King

Double Rogue is described by it’s developer as a “coffee break puzzle rogue-like”. You are always controlling two characters at the same time; a blue wizard and a red barbarian. These two warriors have been transformed into a coin-like being by an evil spell, so you must flip around the cubic worlds in a strategic way to defeat the enemies you come up against.

Check out this video of Double Rogue in action: Double Rogue Gameplay Video

dr1 dr2

Key features found in Double Rogue:

  • an innovative rogue-like with puzzle-y gameplay
  • easy to learn, exciting to master
  • even with perma-death well suited for a coffee break
  • fourteen enemies with different behaviors
  • five different items
  • six randomized levels

Flip over to Google Play to download this unique rogue-like for just $0.99.



Flix from RadekG

Flix is a new simple yet challening action-puzzle game from RadekG. You must move around the tiles in each stage in a way that will help your little water-drop-like character get back home.

Check out the trailer for Flix: Flix Trailer

flix1 flix2

Some of Flix’s key features include:

  • No tutorials, completely text-free. Just tap on the screen and discover everything by yourself.
  • 24 challenging levels.
  • Unique action-puzzle mechanics.
  • No ads, no IAPs, everything for free. Totally!

Grab this unique action puzzle game for free from Google Play.



Grav from 2DM Games

Grav is a physics game that takes place in space. You will be navigating mind-bending puzzles on the fringes of the universe using only the gravity of planetary bodies to reach your destination. Become immersed in the nebulous tones and beautiful colors of deep space.

Check out this trailer to see Grav in action: Grav Official Trailer

grav4 grav3

Key Features in Grav:

  • 31 Campaign levels over four different galaxies
  • Epic boss battles
  • 3-Star ratings to work for in each level
  • Deep gameplay with simple controls
  • A Free Play Mode featuring an infinitely scrolling level
  • No IAP’s!

Try your hand at this beautiful puzzle game for just $0.99 on Google Play.



Jelly Land from SG Game

Jelly Land is a game about two friends, Yobi and Kome. One day Kome gets captured by a bubble, and Yobi makes it his goal to go to Jelly Land in search of his friend. Along the way Yobi will be solving puzzles and collect acorns that are hidden in each level.

Video of Jelly Land in action: Jelly Land Demo


Jelly land is a vibrant puzzle-platformer that has a very polished look to it. Be sure to check out the free version to see if you like it, and grab the full version for just $0.99.

Free                                    Paid

get-it-on-google-play1  get-it-on-google-play1


Kite Run from Mercury Media

Kite Run is a gorgeous new ‘endless’ style game that takes place during war times. You will see how far you can fly your kite while avoiding buildings, rockets, and other various obstacles. There are a multitude of different power-ups to help you out along the way, and there are even coins to collect which are used to unlock more kites.

kr1 kr2 kr4

Kite Run has a beautiful art design that truly makes great use of color. The black and white backgrounds give the game a grim feel, but the bright colors used for your kite, your enemies, and the various power-ups really adds a nice contrast to the style.

Kite Run is a gorgeous new endless ‘runner’ that is free on Google Play, so drift on over to give this one a shot.



Magnetized from Connect-Media

Magnetized is a physics game that not surprisinly uses the physics you’d experience with real magnets. You will have to take into account for the pushing and pulling forces that are associated with magnets in each of the game’s levels. The game is not all about reality though as you will also find a gravity based magnet and a magnet that will teleport you around the level. This is one game that is going to keep you challenged and you’ll need to bend your mind a bit if you plan to get through it.

magnet1 magnet2

There are two different versions of Magnetized. There is the free Lite version of the game which gives you access to 12 of the game’s levels, while buying the paid version for $1.38 consists of three different sets of 20 stages each (60 levels!). Check out whichever version catches your fancy by clicking one of the buttons below.

Lite                                     Paid

get-it-on-google-play1 get-it-on-google-play1


Mahjong Skies from Postmorph

Postmorph has just released one of the best looking and most advanced mahjong solitaire games available on Android.

Check out the gameplay trailer here: Mahjong Skies Trailer

mjs2 mjs1

Mahjong Skies key features:

  • Addictive gameplay featuring 144 unique level designs
  • 8 different tilesets
  • Challenging score and combo system
  • Easy and hard mode
  • The most beautiful mahjong game ever
  • Suitable for everyone – kids, newbies and advanced players

Grab this great looking Mahjong title for free on Google Play.



Master Thief from GT Apps

Master Thief is a stealth game that wants you to get in, grab the loot, and get out without anyone noticing you were even there. Whatever you do, don’t get caught!

Master Thief is inspired by the classics of the stealth game genre. It has been designed with mobile devices in mind, and as such has provided players with quick games that have an optional competitive edge.


Sneak over to Google Play to snatch Master Thief for $0.99.



One More Drop from FivePhones

One More Drop is a game that is entirely based upon the laws of physics relating to water. You will be dealing with water in all of its forms, whether as a liquid, a solid, or as steam. You need to manouver water through the stage’s puzzles too, with your end goal being to get all of the water to seed situated in the dirt at the bottom of each stage.


Some of One More Drop’s best features:

  • Logical game using water in all states
  • 3×9 levels in free version (8×9 levels in the full version)
  • Players may create their own game levels
  • Original graphic design
  • Control by tilt or touch
  • Suitable for ages 5–99
  • Online high scores

Head over to Google Play to check out either the free or paid version ($1) of this unique water based physics game.

Free                                    Paid

get-it-on-google-play get-it-on-google-play


Zoolicious from Nobu Games LLC

Zoolicious is a fun new match-3 style of game that adds a unique”food-chain” element to the mix. So rather than matching three of the same ‘thing’ you will be matching up animals in accordance to the real life animal food chain. For example a lion is easily able to eat a giraffe, so you could match the two of those, and a giraffe will eat leaves, so you could add those onto the chain as well. There are a tonne of fun combinations for you to create . Understanding how these mechanics does take a bit of time to learn it is well worth getting the hang of. Zoolicious is one of the most unique puzzle games to hit the market in quite some time.

Checkout this trailer to see this unique ‘food-chain’ style of gameplay in action: Zoolicious Trailer

zoo1 zoo2 zoo3

Zoolicious also includes:

  • 3 addicting game modes
  • 3 animal themes (2 are unlockable) each with 6 animated animal characters and 1 plant type
  • Highscore list
  • Multiple player profiles for your family and friends

If you’ve been looking for a unique take on the popular ‘match-3’ gameplay style look no further than Zoolicious. You can test out the free version if you’re not already sold, but the full version is only $1.99 on Google Play.

Free                                    Paid

get-it-on-google-play1 get-it-on-google-play1


SGDjames’ Top 3 Picks of the Week:

  1. Kite Run

  2. Grav

  3. Core Dive


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