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Prepare to Conquer the Universe In Rivals at War: 2084

Hot Head Games has just released a futuristic follow up to their hugely popular shooter Rivals at WarWhile the original game took place in a modern warfare setting, this new release takes place many years in the future – in the year 2084 to be exact.  You will take control of your own team of elite space marines in the battle of a lifetime.

*NOTE: Rivals at War 2084 is currently only available as a limited release (to test out the servers). The RAW Facebook page states the worldwide release will be coming ‘soon’.

Humanity has just discovered an alien technology that allows for travel between planets, which in turn opens up the entire universe for exploration and conquest. This has also allowed chaos to break spread throughout the universe, and it needsa leader to unite all of the different beings in the galaxy.

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You must compile your own team of elite space marines to help you in this quest. You will have to train them for battle, equip them with the best weapons an armor around, and then send them out to attack your rivals. Conquering the galaxy wont be an easy task though, and you’ll have to take it one planet at a time.

The main features of RAW: 2084 include:

  • Star Map Story Mode – plot your conquest of the galaxy across 75 different planets.
  • Rivals Mode – challenge your Facebook friends and go to war in head-to-head combat
  • Daily Campaigns – crush the competition across three different skill levels to win rewards and prizes
  • Strategy and tactics – select powerful tactic cards to influence each battle and overcome your opponents
  • Player Achievements – progress through the game by completing over 45 special achievements


If you’re a fan of the original Rivals at War I’m sure getting this futuristic follow-up will be a no-brainer. Those new to the series should definitely check this one out too. It is a free downloadon Google Play so there’s really no reason to pass this one up.


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