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iMech Online Explodes onto the Amazon App Store

iMech Online, one of the games that was made available as part of the OUYA’s launch has finally made it’s way onto android mobile devices. Currently you will only be able to grab this off of the Amazon App Store, but it will most likely be released onto Google Play sometime in the near future.

In iMech Online you will, not surprisingly, be taking controlling a mech. You will take your mech online for some intense 8 player competitive multiplayer skirmishes. You even get the option to customize your mech, which means you’ll get to take on your enemies in whatever way seems best to you. There are also equippable abilities to acquire that will give you a bit of an edge in battle.

imech2 imech1


  • 8 Player PvP Deathmatch per Game
  • Choose your unique mech, each with custom abilities such as Blink, Mobile Repair Unit, Weapon Jammer, Backup Systems, Gadget Claw, and much more!
  • Improve your stats with Upgrades to your Mech
  • Apply Tech Points to your playstyle


iMech Online is a free download, so get ready for battle. It does sound like the game has ‘trial’ mechs for you to use in the online battles, which makes me think there are probably ‘non-trial’ mechs that will cost you a bit of money to unlock. Oh, and this probably goes without saying but iMech Online is an online only game, so you’re going to need a network connection to play it.


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