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Super Mega Worm Begins Its Rampage On Google Play

It may be a little late to the giant killer worm party but indie developer Deceased Pixel’s retro themed iOS arcade title Super Mega Worm has finally arrived on Android. Inspired by the cult hit Death Worm, Super Mega Worm was initially the only mobile giant rampaging worm game available until the mobile version of Death Worm arrived.

Like Death Worm, Super Mega Worm casts players as a world ending monster charged by mother nature with ending humanities polluting ways. Of course this means either eating or blowing up everything in sight, but the humans wont go quietly. As your wanton mayhem and destruction begins to attract more attention, you’ll first have to deal with local law enforcement before things become dire and the military arrives on the scene.

supermegawormss1 supermegawormss2

  • Super fun, fast and furious Gameplay
  • Awesome Retro Art Style
  • 24 Action Packed Levels
  • 2 Different Game Modes
  • 3 Destructive Super Abilities
  • 2 Different Control Schemes
  • 20 Delicious Items to Eat
  • Leaderboards and Achievements
  • Tablet Support


Fans of retro style arcade games will instantly fall in love with Super Mega Worm. It’s available now on Google Play for $.99.


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