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It’s Time To Bonk Some Bunnies In The New Indie Game ‘Bunny Bonker’

Bunny Bonker is a new game ‘whack-a-mole’ style of game that has just been released by a small indie development team out of Toronto, Canada known as Cococucumber. Upon initial glance (check out the trailer below) you will be blown away by the amount of love that this small indie team has put into their unique creation. It’s also even more impressive that this unique (and gorgeous) game was created by just two very hard working individuals (Vanessa Chia who did the artwork, and Martin Waltz who did the coding).

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Bunny Bonker is most easily described as speed and reflex test that is in a way similar (though completely different) than the classic arcade game ‘whack-a-mole’. You score points by bonking payloads and gathering various power ups that will give a nice boost to your final score. These include clocks that freeze time, and magnets that, well… attract things so you can have an easier time bonking things. Along the way you’ll have to be aware of the various obstacles that come in your way, and also deal with the game’s unique physics. The game also has a whopping 30 levels and even has  achievement badges to unlock, so this is going to keep you bonking bunnies for quite some time.

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  • Gorgeous artwork for three unique Chapters with a total of 30 Levels
  • Special ‘Bonus Bunny’ for each Chapter
  • Bonk the bunny’s payload for more points
  • Physics, Flying Clocks, Freeze Time and Magnets!
  • Bonus Pie Attack mode with a fat bunny
  • Support Indie – Made with love in Toronto by indie game makers
  • No Ads
  • You get to bonk cute bunnies! For fun!
  • Cross-platform: Android, iPhone, iPad & Windows Phone


Bunny Bonker is most definitely not your Grandad’s whack-a-mole. The gorgeous visuals, unique gameplay elements, and the awesome concept really make this stand out as something different. And the game is completely free (no ads!), so you really can’t let this one slip through your fingers. Head over to Google Play to start bonking bunnies right away!


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