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Haunting First Person Runner Valkyrie Leaps Onto Android

Endless runners tend to be formulaic and derivative, so when that rare running game arrives on the scene that flips the tired genre on its proverbial head, we take notice. Such is the case with indie developer Bifrost Studios latest project Valkyrie, a futuristic endless runner with a unique perspective and heady source material. Taking a page from the console hit Mirrors Edge, Valkyrie tells the tale of a Norse angel transporting the souls of fallen warriors along the dangerous path to Valhalla.

In addition to its impressive visual design and catchy original soundtrack, Valkyrie has challenging fast paced gameplay that even the most seasoned mobile gamer can appreciate. As they run and jump along a narrow pathway, gamers will have to rapidly perform swipe gestures to avoid obstacles, hit switches, and leap seemingly impossible distances. This intricate dance between the player and environment makes strategic movement just as important as speed.

valkyriess1 valkyriess2


  • Dynamic interactive game world
  • Rich, realistic sound effects and cinematic soundtrack
  • Progressively built obstacles that require both speed and strategy
  • Ten unique and increasingly challenging levels!
  • Super-addictive, skill-enhancing Endless Run mode


Beatiful, unique, and engrossing, Valkyrie is available now for $1.83 on Google Play.


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