Published on August 5th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Rythym Based Retro Runner Geometry Dash Coming Soon

Independent developer Robtop Games, best known for its hit puzzler Boomlings, is gearing up to release a terrifically impressive runner called Geometry Dash. Like Bit.trip Runner and The Impossible Game before it, Geometry Dash is a rythym based platform style runner that syncs its soundtrack with the action onscreen to give its gameplay a catchy hook.

That however, is where the similarities end as not only does Geometry Dash absolutely ooze quality and great gameplay, it also boasts a dizzying array of features not found in the aforementioned titles. In addition to its upbeat soundtrack, achievements, and character customization options, players can even design their own challenges using Geometry Dash’s built in level editor and share them with friends online which provides near infinite replay possibilities.


So how long do we have to wait to play this amazing new title? Not long as Geometry Dash will be launching August 13th on Google Play for $1.99 with no in app purchases in sight.

Robtop Games

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