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Chemistry Themed Shooter ‘Atom Shooter’ Blasts Onto Google Play

Atom Shooter is a unique new arcade shooter that revolves around the elements of the periodic table of the elements. You will be piloting a miniature ‘spaceship’ that is going to be blasting away at electrons and avoiding the nucleus when it explodes. The earliest levels will be fairly simple, but as the element’s atomic number increases the pull of the nucleus becomes increasingly stronger. In each stage you will also be collecting shot down electrons and neutrons in order to buy new weapons, engines, modules and ships.


There are two game modes in Atom Shooter: Classic and Marathon. Classic mode places you into 118 levels that are based upton the elements from the periodic table. You have three lives to complete these levels, and you will be ranked on three categories (time, collected neutrons, collected electrons), and be given either a bronze, silver, or gold star depending on how well you did. Marathon mode is essentially an ‘endless’ mode in which you will have three lives to complete as many levels as you can before you die.


Atom Shooter is available as a Lite version that will give you a nice taste of the gameplay, or you can download the full version for just $1.99.

Lite Version                   Full Version

get-it-on-google-play11 get-it-on-google-play11

Developer Website: VinylPixels

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