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Shuttle Quest 2000 Review

Us Android gamers don’t know how good we have it it nowadays. There was a time, back before anyone had ever even heard of a decent mobile phone game outside of snake and the idea of an Apple produced phone was a running joke, that the peak of portable gaming was a device with the relative size and weight of a brick that featured a monochrome 160×144 display. I speak of course of the legendary Gameboy, the classic portable gaming system that was for many their introduction to the concept of video gaming on the go. In spite of its limiting technical specifications, the Gameboy era produced some of the most defining games ever created and kickstarted countless franchises that continue to thrive even today.

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It’s in this spirit of creativity over hardware envy that fan favorite indie developer TACS Games has released Shuttle Quest 2000, an homage to everything that made the Gameboy period of gaming great on Playstation Mobile. Sporting nostalgia heavy monochrome sprites and a charming chiptune soundtrack this retro style mashup of the role playing and shoot em up genres is an addicting throwback to that classic era of mobile gaming that draws influences from titles like R-Type and Final Fantasy. By combining hyper active shoot ’em up action with dungeon crawler style loot collection and RPG aesthetics, TACS Games has created a terrific retro send up that feels like it could just have easily been made in the golden age of Gameboy games.


A long time ago in a galaxy far from ours, an epic battle in the twilight of the great space war pit the ragtag fleet of the federation of free planets against the nearly unstoppable forces of the malevolent General Xzarod. Despite their best efforts the free planet’s armies were defeated in a surprise sneak attack that decimated almost the entire fleet, save one lone hero. An ace fighter pilot manages to escape in an experimental spacecraft and becomes the galaxies only hope at resisting the clutches of Xzarod and restoring peace to the cosmos. As that pilot, it’s up to players to travel the universe in their customizable fighter as they perform odd jobs, collect rare items, and destroy the enemies countless warships. A wide variety of missions ranging from clearing debris to dangerous covert operations await, complete them well and you’ll be rewarded with slick new upgrades for your ship like wingmate drones or a menacing new plasma cannon.


If Shuttle Quest 2000 was around in 1996, it undoubtedly would have been one of my favorite games. The games shoot ’em up portions are imaginative with varied objectives and enemy types that will keep you on your feet while the rpg sections provide an epic backdrop to the action and provide the opportunity to outfit your ship with cool new tech. Humorous and sometimes non-human characters give life to the games story and help draw the player into its world, an impressive feat for a game that could just as easily have been released over 20 years ago.

Nostalgic, engrossing, and addicting, Shuttle Quest 2000 proves yet again why TACS Games is the premier independent developer on Playstation Mobile. You can try out it’s entire first chapter on Playstation Mobile devices now for free, with the rest of the game unlockable for $4.49.

Edit: Now Available On Google Play!

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Shuttle Quest 2000 Review Craig Forshey



Summary: An innovative homage to classic mobile gaming, Shuttle Quest 2000's addictive gameplay will have you coming back for more. This is retro done right.



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  • Great review. This game looks frigging awesome! Now if only I had a PSM phone so that I could actually give this one a shot…

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