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Cthulhu Inspired Adventure Game Maniac Manors Creeps Onto Google Play

Maniac Manors is a brand new 3D adventure game from Cezure Productions that has been influenced by H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. The game starts out with your character buying a beautiful manor at an unbelievable price through a local auction. Curious about how this manor could be his for such a low price he goes into the home to discover that his purchase may not be quite the bargain he had been hoping for.

Once you enter the manor you will begin to delve deep into its mystery be solving puzzles, interacting with objects and environment, and investigating the manors shady past. The game all takes place in a gorgeously creepy 3D world that is made all the more spooky through it’s haunting music. You’re going to have to have nerves of steel so that you don’t succumb to the madness that this manor holds.


The gameplay in Maniac Manors is a blend of the adventure, puzzle, investigation, and the “escape the room” genres, and best of all it takes place in carefully crafted 3D environments. You must find and collect items that will help you to progress deeper into your frightening adventure. Your observation skills are going to be challenged and you’re going to have to think a bit outside of the box if you want to intercept messages and find all of the hidden codes.

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  • Sublime graphics that will immerse you in the adventure.
  • Soundtrack and high quality sound effects.
  • Many items to collect and combine.
  • Variety of puzzles to solve.
  • Challenges that will push you to play and replay.
  • Mental Health System.
  • A world inspired by the myth of Chtulhu


This Cthulu inspired adventure-puzzler looks to be one of the most impressive indie games to yet be released on Android. If you want to get lost in this house of madness you can download Maniac Manors for just $2.45 on Google Play. Just make sure you have at least 512 MB of free memory on your device before you donwload.


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