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Delve Into The New Casual Rougelike RPG ‘Hell, The Dungeon Again!’

Hell, The Dungeon Again is a new retro-inspired rogue-like that puts you into the shoes of a hero that must vanquish the monsters and demons that have taken over the once peaceful (hey, it could happen) dungeons. HTDA does stand out as a bit different from most games that fall into this genre for the simple fact that it has been aimed towards a more casual gaming crowd. That’s not to say that hardcore roguelike fans will be left in the dark though, as a hardcore difficulty setting becomes unlocked upon completing the game on normal difficulty.


There are three different class types found in HTDA; the rogue, the huntress, and the cleric. As you’d expect from the genre each of these classes has their own strengths as weaknesses, and each has their own class specific set of skills. The game takes place across three different landscapes too; the Crypt, the Spider’s Lair, and Inferno. Each of them has their own dungen specific creatures, which will certainly keep the gameplay feeling fresh throughout your adventure.

Another big aspect of the game is its loot gathering system. Upon battling enemies you will come across armor, weaponry, and jewelry of varying levels of scarcity/rarity. The more rare the item, the most useful it is going to be for your character.



  • 3 character classes with its own characteristics and skills. (1 in Lite)
  • Randomly-generated dungeons.
  • 15 Levels divided into 3 locations. (9 in Lite)
  • Tons of loot with random properties.
  • Achievements for defeating special monsters.
  • Two game modes.
  • Colorful pixel graphics in 8-bit style.
  • Hardcore difficulty  unlocked after game is completed on Normal difficulty.

If you are a fan of roguelike RPG’s you should definitely give Hell, The Dungeon Again a look. It’s great retro-inspired graphics and classic roguelike gameplay make this something that shouldn’t be passed up by fans of the genre – and even gamers that are new to the genre.  You can download the Lite version of HTDA for free on Google Play, and it gives you access to a fair chunk of the game to try out, or you can just pounce on the full version for a mere $1.00.

Lite                                   Paid

get-it-on-google-play11 get-it-on-google-play11

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