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First Ever 4-D Arcade-Puzzler Tesseric Rolls Onto Google Play

Tesseric is an action puzzler that has achieved a truly astonishing feat: it is the first of its kind to make use of a 4-dimensional environment that is true to physics and geometry. This unique element will take gamers out of their comfort zone, and it will likely be a real challenge for even the most skilled gamers out there.

tess2 tess1

In Tesseric you are given the ability to wield your very own tesseract, which is essentially the 4th-dimension’s version of a cube. You will roll this 4D hypercube through a 3D world, and along the way you’ devour any orbs that get in your way.

The scoring system in Tesseric is also quite a bit different than you’d normally find in a video game. If you want to get your high score onto the high score chart you will have to challenge not only other players, but you’ll also have to challenge yourself. By playing the game’s “Go For The Record” mode you will set your own points target, and then try to beat it. If you can beat this score you will then get earn a pot on the high score chart. If you fail to reach your target score you’re going to have to start the process all over again.

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This mind-bending puzzler is a free download on Google Play, so be sure to give it a download if you’re looking for a real challenge. Just make sure to dust off your thinking cap first, as you’re going to need all the brain cells you can muster if you want to make it onto the leaderboards.


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