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Ingenious Runner Happy Hamster Rolls Onto Google Play

It’s not uncommon for mobile games to include a level editor nowadays. The almost obligatory design choice is a boon to replayability, giving players the keys to control their gaming experience. Although a valuable tool, the level editor has almost always been an interesting diversion at best and a forgettable afterthought at worst. That’s why our ears immediately perked up when we heard about indie developer SaMaX Entertainment’s inaugural Android game Happy Hamster, a charming mashup of genres that utilizes the level editor tool as an integral part of the gameplay.

An arcade style run and jump affair at heart, Happy Hamster plays like a wacky melding of Super Mario Bros and Tetris. As one of several adrenaline junky hamsters players will roll their way across deadly terrain in a race to the finish line and all the carrots they can eat. With the race track not yet completed, players will have to simultaneously lay down road and keep their hamster out of harms way. Happy Hamster’s ingenious design scheme turns the runner genre on its head with unique gameplay and an addicting unlockables structure.

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Whereas most games of its type would have only a “endless” mode and leave it at that, Happy Hamster has an appreciably deep career mode that offers multiple stages, upgrades, and a ton of hidden unlockables. These range from purely aesthetic items like a cool new outfit to performance upgrades and sweet new hamster rides. Players can also take the hamster rolling online with a competitive leaderboard that lets friends duke it out for the best scores.


A uniquely addicting new take on the platforming genre, Happy Hamster is sure to please fans of runners everywhere. You can pick it up now on Google Play for free.


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