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Over The Top Shoot ‘Em Up Minigore 2 Lands On OUYA

The horde based twin stick shooter Mingore 2: Zombies has finally made its way to Android, though not in the way you may have expected. Indie studio Mountain Sheep’s ambitious undead filled follow up has launched exclusively on the Android based OUYA console, adding yet another heavy hitter to the fledgling un-console’s arsenal of exclusives. Although its by and large the same game that was on the iPhone, the addition of support for controllers like the PS3’s and HD visuals customized for TVs make this the definitive version of the popular shoot ’em up.

Minigore2- Ouya-Screenshot-03 Minigore2- Ouya-Screenshot-02

There is a fairly well fleshed out story involving evil scientists and the undead, but all you really need to know is Minigore 2 is a game about shooting stuff. Alot of stuff. Jon Gore, the protagonist from the original game is back to send a never ending army of zombies back to their graves, and this time he’s brought friends. Players will help Jon combat the undead legions across a variety of uniquely themed “endless” style arenas which range from spooky graveyards to tropical forests. Defeating increasingly bigger and bigger waves of enemies gives the player experience points that can be used to unlock additional weapons and characters.


A gorgeous follow up to the genre defining iOS shooter, Minigore 2: Zombies is available now on OUYA for $4.99.

Mountain Sheep

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