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Wacky Platformer Travelling Tribal Coming Soon

An animated 2D platformer by the name of Travelling Tribal will be bringing its cartoonish sensibilities to Android soon. Created by indie developer Hellboy Studios, Travelling Tribal is an endearing coming of age story that has the game’s protagonist, named Travelling Tribal, stepping out on his own and leaving his village behind to embark on an epic adventure around the globe. It wont easy though as it seems everything TT sees seems to want to eat him. He’ll have to make use of his tribal instincts and mystical spells to survive the games many levels that switch between land and sea.


Every art asset in Travelling Tribal, from the characters to the environments, has been drawn by hand, giving Hellboy Studio’s latest project a gorgeously surreal feel that is sure to keep players engrossed. This effect is put to even further use when players use Tribal’s many spells to get their way past seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Bottomless chasm’s can be crossed by surfing on a magically levitated leaf, enemies can be made to disappear, and sharks can be tricked into running into walls. High score aficionados will be pleased to hear Travelling Tribal also has a long list of achievements to complete.


A gorgeous looking platformer filled with interesting ideas, Travelling Tribal will be launching September 30th on Google Play and will be available in both English and Korean.

Hellboy Studios

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