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Fast-Paced Retro FPS Boarding Party Blasts Onto Google Play

Boarding Party is a new Doom-esque shooter that has been created by Priority Interupt;  the indie developer behind the 3D roguelike Delver. Their new game Boarding Party was made for the 2013 7 Day FPS event, which is competition to create an FPS in 7 days. Boarding Party started out at this even but it has now made it’s way onto Google Play.

In Boarding Party your ship has just been boarded by alien baddies and it’s your goal to blast your way through them in your attempt to reach one of the ship’s escape pods. All of your crew is dead, so it’s up to you and your arsenal of deadly weaponry to blast away the alien scum and reach he escape pod in one piece.


  • Swarms of enemies
  • Piles of guns
  • Randomly generated levels
  • Fast-paced old school FPS action


This fast-paced old school FPS is available on Google Play for just $1.04. If you’re a fan of classics in the genre you are sure to get a real kick out of Boarding Party.



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