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Aquatic Action Epic Underwater Adventures Swims Onto Android

Mobile games nowadays by their very nature tend to feel as if they’ve been designed under the assumption gamers have a short attention span, and while that may be true to an extent and even appropriate for some titles, it can also severely limit their creative potential. Luckily, we can always count on the independent development community to bring unique experiences to the table with titles like the newly released Underwater Adventures, a charming and action oriented game from SybSoftware in collaboration with Applits that feels like a modern incarnation of the classic Ecco The Dolphin.


Players take on the role of a dashing Jacques Cousteau type character as they plunder the ocean’s perilous depths in a tiny submersible. There’s plenty of treasure to be found at the bottom of the sea, but with visibility almost non-existent players will have to be extremely careful navigating their environment. The small amount of light your ship can provide can also be its undoing as among the ancient wreckage and coral reefs are vicious sharks, errant sea mines, and an ocean full of dangerous wildlife, any one of which could easily damage your sub and spell certain doom. This gives Underwater Adventures’ gameplay an unexpected but welcome stealth-action twist.


A charming adventure game with uniquely addicting gameplay, Underwater Adventures is a modern Ecco The Dolphin. It’s available now for $.99 and as a free trial on Google Play.


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