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Casual Puzzler Clobbr Slams Down On Google Play

Clobbr is a casual mobile puzzler that has you arranging rows of blocks in a pattern that will send a rolling boulder down the stage towards the antagonist cat at bottom of the screen. Bonking this cat on the head is essential, as your main goal here is to free the three mice that have been held captive. The game’s mechanics are easy to learn and they are fun on both phones and tablets. All you have to do is swipe the different rows of blocks left and right in the best way to make a path for the boulder to follow. Hit the cat and you’ve done your job well!

Clobbr consists of 20 worlds of increasing difficulty, and as you progress you will find a wide assortment of special items to help you get that pesky cat. You’ll get to use catapults, bowling balls, portals, pinball bumpers and even trampolines, which are sure to change how you play the game. And best of all Clobbr is a family friendly game that is sure to keep gamers both young and old entertained for hours.

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Every level in Clobbr lasts 20 seconds which makes it the perfect game to pick up and play when you have a few minutes to kill. Maybe you’re waiting for the bus, bored on your coffee break, or stuck in the doctors office for and hour; and that’s when you will realise Clobbr is the perfect game for you. Keep in mind that the gameplay is so addictive that you might just find yourself playing it for longer than you expect.

  • A single, simple mechanic that anyone can pick up on in seconds!
  • Thoughtful level design allows for some pretty complex puzzles!
  • Easy to play with just one hand! Think of all the things you can do with that free hand!
  • Special items to help you through the game’s 100 puzzles: catapults, bowling balls and even portals!
  • No actual direct violence!
  • Good for the whole family!


This award winning (The Indie Prize Best in Show at Casual Connect SF in 2013) family friendly casual puzzler is available for just $1.99 on Google Play.  Download it now and help this little monster stop that pesky cat, find the hidden cheese, and save the mice!


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