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TILTERZ Rolls Onto Google Play

Tilterz is a new puzzle game from the indie developer Ovine By Design. This developer is best known for the remakes they do of popular 8 and 16 bit games, but this time around they have changed things up a bit by releasing a game that is entirely their own.

Tilterz is a unique puzzler that puts its own spin on the always popular marble/tilt style of game. To get the ball in motion you will be twisting and turning your device, and your ball moves around the level with true to life physics. How Tilterz mixes up this traditional game formula is through it’s unique colour matching elements. Rather than just moving one ball around the level you will be delivering a wide number of coloured balls into pipes of the corresponding colour. So you might think this sounds easy, but you shouldn’t take this game lightly. The gameplay is easy to learn, but as you play the game the difficulty ramps, and if you want to get a gold medal on each level you’re going to need some serious tilting skills!

tilterz2 tilterz1

  • Fun tilt controls!
  • Colorful art design!
  • Over 70 levels to unlock and complete!
  • Aim for a Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal on each level.


If you have been looking for a fun new take on the twist/tilt genre you really need to check out Tilterz. Roll over to Google Play and get this gem for just $0.99.


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