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Popular iOS Runner Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword Bursts onto Google Play

Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword is a sci-fi themed runner that has finally made its way onto Google Play thanks to the indie development team XperimentalZ Games. This game has been a huge success on iOS ever since its release on the platform, having over 500,000 downloads, and it has received its fair share of positive press from best game review websites around. For example Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword got a 4.5/5 from Crazy Mike Apps, a 4.5/5 from Touch Arcade, and a 4/5 from 148Apps. With scores this high you should feel grateful that the developer decided to port the game over to Android.

While the core gameplay elements of the iOS version and Android version of Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword have stayed more or less the same, the developers have done a total overhaul on how payment is handled. The iOS version was a free to download but had IAP’s and was ad supported. They have scrapped this method entirely for the Android release and have instead decided to make the game a Premium download instead. That means no more pesky ads and IAPS, and also the in-game currency is a bit more generous this time around too. All in all the Android version just sounds like an all around better product.

plasma2 plasma1

Despite the fact that Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword is a ‘runner’ it does still have a well done story that is told through some well made comic storyboards. The story revolves around a comic book store employee named Cornelius who has always had dreams of one day becoming a superhero. After receiving a fortune cookie the idea that this just might happen some day… and that day is just on the horizon. The aliens are about to invade the earn, and it is in need of a hero. Will Cornelius be the one that has what it takes to return this alien scum to where it came from?

plasma4 plasma3

  • 5 environments: City, Factory, Mother ship, Alien Planet, Tandoori Moon
  • A story mode with fixed game progression, save points, boss fights and 4-stars rating system
  • An endless mode (5 levels), random map generation and objectives to accomplish
  • Evolving gameplay through upgrades and avatar customization
  • 3 buttons contextual controls: jump, slide, slash which becomes double jump, dive and dash in the air
  • Several monster types, traps, power-ups and rewards to collect
  • Comic storyboards
  • Awesome original soundtrack and sound effects
  • 2 supported languages, English and French


It is a great thing to see this hugely popular iOS title land on Google Play for all of us Android gamers to try out. It’s important to note that Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword is currently on sale for just $0.99 as part of a launch sale, so be sure to snatch this up while it’s hot. You wont be disappointed. Trust me.


Developer Website: ExperimentalZ Games

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