Published on September 30th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


Retro Anti Shoot ‘Em Up Porogi Blasts Onto Android

An addictive new spin on retro shooters by the name of Porogi has arrived on the scene and it will devour your free time with its simple yet incredibly challenging gameplay. Brought to us by indie development studio FM Projects, Porogi takes the classic shoot ’em up genre popularized by games like Galaga and turns it on its head.

Like the retro games that inspired it, Porogi is about piloting a lone spaceship through a vast and untamed enemy territory bent on galactic conquest. That’s where the similarities end however as FM Projects has fused the classic Galaga formula and avoidance gameplay into an old school styled yet decisively new school designed arcade experience.


Porogi casts players as that courageous pilot and charges them with collecting as many friendly green lines as possible while simultaneously avoiding catastrophic collisions with the dastardly red lines. That’s easier said than done however as the fast paced and frenetic challenges presented by Porogi will challenge even the most seasoned arcade veterans. Players are able to unlock cool new power ups as they progress, each with their own unique game changing ability.

Google Play Games achievements are fully supported as well. Gamers can even challenge their friends high scores online to prove once and for all who’s the best gamer.


A nostalgic spin on old school style shooters, Porogi is available now for $1.48 on Google Play with a lite version available as well.


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