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Dungeon Crawling Sequel Deprofundis: Requiem Arrives

It’s amazing the quality of games we’ve seen come out of the indie development community in the past few years. Powerful developer tools like Unity 3D have made it possible for even one man teams to create living, breathing worlds through nothing but ingenuity and sheer force of will. Such was the case with independent developer Thecle’s hit dungeon crawler Deprofundis, a console quality rogue-like released earlier this year that brought deep dungeon crawling gameplay to Android and quickly won over fans. Not content to rest on its admittedly impressive laurels, the Thecle team is back with an ambitious follow up to its fan favorite RPG called Deprofundis: Requiem. Like Deprofundis before it, Requiem is a hardcore dungeon crawler in the vein of Diablo or Torchwood that puts its own unique spin on the genre.

Thecle has taken the core gameplay concepts that made the original such a success and amped up every facet of the Deprofundis design for Requiem. The graphics have been completely revamped to take full advantage of the latest Android hardware like the Tegra 4 or newer Snapdragon chipsets, a dizzying amount of new modes and features have been added, and most impressively of all Requiem’s entire story is a cross-media collaboration that intertwines its plot with that of author J.C. Noir’s epic novel Shattered Oz for a truly engrossing experience you’ll be hard pressed to put down.

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This rogue like hack ‘n slash casts players as one of four heroes charged with defeating a legion of monstrous creatures that have spawned beneath the Kingdom of Quelram’s capitol city and even worse, the royal castle itself. It seems someone has unleashed the demonic Pandora’s Box, an unholy relic long thought lost to time, which provides a portal for zombies, demons, and other undead nightmares to cross over into the world of Oz. With the king missing and few others able to fight the coming darkness, players must find a way to close Pandora’s Box and seal away the evil infecting Oz.


One of the things that made the original Deprofundis such a success was its common sense free to play approach which looks to have carried over to its sequel as well. You can play through the entirety of Requiem without ever having to spend a dime, but if you choose to buy the premium version you’ll get a ton of great extras like additional character classes, multiple character slots, new levels, and arenas. Even better, if you already bought the original Deprofundis you’ll get the premium version of Requiem completely free and can even migrate your character over through the cloud.

Beautiful, addicting, and epic, Deprofundis: Requiem is easily the best Android dungeon crawler since the original Deprofundis. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.


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    This is a huge upgrade to the original! quite fun.

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