Published on October 15th, 2013 | by James Maxwell


Not Pinball Rolls Onto Google Play

Lets get this out of the way first: Not Pinball is not a pinball game. Rather Not Pinball is most easily described as an endless “runner” that has a unique pinball feel to it. Your goal in Not Pinball is to shoot a pinball through an infinite randomly generated environment without letting the ball touch the bottom of the screen. You simply tap on the ball to direct it towards the top of the screen, and each time your ball bounces off a bumper, knocks down a drop target, or slide over a rollover spot you gain points towards your high score.


Not Pinball’s gameplay mechanics are very easy to learn, and the inclusion of several difficulty levels will keep gamers of all skill levels more than a little bit challenged. As you move up to the higher difficulties you will be introduced to a wide array of other clever and challenging obstacles that will your way.

If you’ve been looking for a unique take on the endless “runner” formula you really have to check out Not Pinball. It’s totally free on Google Play so make sure you don’t pass it up!


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