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Bizzare Physics-Puzzler Meatballphobia Rolls Onto Google Play

At first glance you’re probably thinking Meatballphobia looks to be just another generic physics-puzzler that has popped up on Google Play. While this genre is fairly overcrowded on the mobile market Meatballphobia brings us a game that has a much deeper meaning than you’d expect from this style of game. Without a doubt you’ll still be rolling a meatball through challenging puzzles, but there is a story being told here that makes Meatballphobia game stand out from the crowd. The developers have actually described Meatballphobia as being a “2D physics puzzle game about flesh and meat, about the enslavement of both the consumed and the consumer, about life and the systems built around it”. It is an interesting topic for sure, and the developers have found some interesting ways of passing this info along to those playing the game.

meatball1 meatball2

That said, Meatball Phobia is truly a 2D-physics puzzler at heart. Your goal in each level is to roll a large meatball through a complex puzzle with the ultimate goal of hitting the hysterical head at the bottom of the screen. This is easier said than done though as you’ll have challenging obstacles like ramps and falling blocks to contend with, and as you get into the higher levels you’ll be up against even more challenging elements. In inclusion to the gameplay the developers have crafted a unique retro feel that is portrayed via its well done 8-bit graphics and its excellent chiptune soundtrack.

meatball3 meatball4

  • Addictive 2D physics-puzzler gameplay
  • 50 brain-teasing puzzlers of increasing difficulty
  • Takes a relaxed approach to problem solving
  • A gorgeous 8-bit graphics style
  • An engaging chiptune soundtrack


If you’re a fan of physics puzzlers or just want to see a truly unique game that deals with controversial issues you can’t afford to pass up Meatballphobia. It can be yours for the low price of just $1.50 on Google Play.


Developer Website: Protomni Multimedia

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