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Punch Bears in the Mouth In New Brawler Fist of Awesome

Nicoll Hunt’s brand-new side-scrolling beat em up with a fantastic pixel art style has finally punched its way onto Google Play. Fist of Awesome originated as a Valentine’s Day gift from Nicoll to his girlfriend back in February of 2012, but soon after that he started up a Kickstarter campaign to bring his unique bear fighting vision to the masses. The campaign was a huge success, and now the game is finally available on android devices.

FoA2 FoA3

The story in Fist of Awesome is a rather interesting one. The game starts off when Tim Burr’s family mysteriously vanishes and his house spontaneously bursts into flames. Just when he thought his day couldn’t get get any worse his hand becomes self-aware and tells Tim that the world is now being ruled by bears! Tim sure isn’t going to stand for this, so you’re going to have to help him on his epic battles across time and space and unravel the bear-ridden damage to Earth’s timeline. You can think of it as Quantum Leap with a lot more bears.

The gameplay in Fist of Awesome has been inspired by classic beat em ups like Double Dragon, Streets of Rage and Final Fight – but once again, there are far more bears. So get your thumbs warmed up for the most epic time-travelling bear punching beat em up of all time!

FoA4 FoA1

  • Humour – A delirious sense of humour reverberates throughout the whole storyline and action packed gameplay.
  • Revolutionary Touch Controls – On mobile platforms the gesture based combat system allows for fast reactions, huge combos and an unparelled move set.
  • Amazing Graphics – The fast paced action is brought to life with gloriously retro-style graphics and animation.
  • Bombastic Soundtrack – Showcasing the incredible talents of Echolevel aka Brendan Ratliff the FIST OF AWESOME music brings back hazy memories of feeding coin after coin into cabinets in smokey arcades.


If you’re a fan of beat em ups or just looking for a truly unique gaming experience you really need to check out Fist of Awesome. The game’s great pixel art style, humorous storyline, and fantastic soundtrack make this stand out as one of the best games available on Google Play. Head on over and grab this gem for just $3.99.


Developer Website: I Fight Bears

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