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Endurance Platformer Travelling Tribal Leaps Onto Android

Indie developer Hellboy Studios’ premier sidescrolling platformer Travelling Tribal has arrived on Google Play. We previewed this interesting twist on the endless adventure genre a while back and although it’s release date had to be pushed back a little bit its turned out great with some really cool ideas that help set it apart from its competitors.

As a curious young tribesman who’s always wanted to leave his village and explore the world, players will embark on an epic journey around the globe filled with danger, mayhem, and mysticism. It seems there are forces out there who aren’t too happy with the protagonists desire for adventure and will stop at nothing to turn his dream into a deadly nightmare. As if traversing long expanses of ocean on nothing but rickety platforms wasn’t dangerous enough, players will also have to contend with monstrously large killer bees, hungry sharks, and a mysterious pair of spell casting twins. It’s not all doom and gloom however as our hero is not only particularly adept at gymnastics but also boasts his own arsenal of spells and more than a few tricks up his sleeve. This gives Travelling Tribal an action adventure vibe that feels like a cross between a sidescrolling Doodle Jump and Super Mario Bros.

17 7


  • Limitless endurance gameplay
  • Stunning 2D cartoon graphics & animation
  • Achievements
  • Highly polished


Travelling Tribal is an imaginative platformer filled with addicting gameplay and genre challenging ideas. It’s available now for $.99 on Google Play alongside a free to play version.


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