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Wizardous Brings Epic 8-Bit Sidescrolling To Android

Retro style gaming got a shot in the arm today with the release of the epic sidescroller Wizardous, a tough ‘as nails dungeon romp with retro roots. Created by independent developer Broken Crayon Games, Wizardous evokes the best ideas that the classic era of gaming represented. This gives Wizardous‘ gameplay a straightforward yet mindbogglingly difficult approach that feels plucked straight from the NES era of gaming.

A Mario meets Metroid style platformer at heart, Wizardous tells the epic tale of a wise old wizard who’s been betrayed by his most trusted apprentice and must now escape the depths of a magically enchanted dungeon. He’ll have to gather enough magic before that happens though, which means you’ll be scouring the corners of every level and timing jumps across spike filled pits with deadly precision. As the puzzles and terrain grow more threatening over the course of the campaign, players will eventually acquire the ability to shoot back which provides a refreshing twist on the gameplay that will keep players playing until the very end.

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  • Story-based puzzles that range in difficulty from beginner to advanced
  • Glorious 8-bit graphics that give you that nostalgic gaming feel
  • Player-driven story progression
  • Multiple magical abilities to acquire
  • First game in the engaging Wizardous Saga


Filled with deliciously difficult gameplay and retro-tastic graphics, Wizardous is a must have for any old school gamer. It’s available now at a special sale price of $.99 for a limited time on Google Play.


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