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Kickstarter Funded Ghostly Platformer ‘Soul Power’ Floats Onto Google Play

Ghost Time Games is a one-man indie developer that has just released their first game onto Google Play. This game is called Soul Power, and it’s a unique platform-puzzler that was just recently funded on Kickstarter. In Soul Power you play as a ghost that has just lost his memory. You have found yourself in the mysterious depths of the afterlife, but you have no recollection of why you’re there. As you explore your new surroundings you will come across a multitude of ghostly inhabitants that need assistance in getting back their memories back as well. You will offer assistance to these ghost by diving into their hazard filled minds in hopes of gaining more insight into your current situation.


Soul Power is a physics-based 2.5D platformer that’s gameplay revolves mostly around timed challenges and exploration. These timed challenges play a vital role for progressing through the game’s story as you’ll need to earn stars to unlock new zones in the world. To get 3 stars in each of these challenges will require you to chain together combos, and doing this will require some serious skills. Luckily the gameplay is simple to learn and a whole lot of fun.


In addition to the addictive timed challenges you will also be exposed to a deep and thought provoking storyline that deals with a subject rarely touched on in video games; death and the afterlife. As you explore the grim world you will encounter a large number of ghostly citizens that will tell you their story about how they ended up in this world. By helping out each of these ghost’s you will gain more insight into why you have ended up in this dreary place.

For those competitive gamers out there Soul Power is equipped with both online leaderboards and achievements through Google Game Services. In my books this is always a huge plus as it adds a lot to the game’s overall replayability.


  • 40 timed levels in addition to 9 overworld areas!
  • Unique stories tied to each level!
  • Over 16 original musical themes!
  • Online leaderboards and achievements through Google Game Services!


Soul Power is a highly addictive puzzle-platformer that makes great use of a unique storyline and theme that really draws you into a world unlike anything you have ever seen in video games. The great graphics and stellar soundtrack do a lot to bring you into this … game, and the online leaderboards and achievements will keep you coming back for more long after you finish up the game. I highly recommend giving Soul Power a download today!

Developer Website: Ghost Time Games

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