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Zelda-esque Adventure Game Ittle Dew Slashes Onto Google Play

The independent game developer Ludosity, probably best known for their cross-platform RPG Magicka: Wizards Of The Square Tablet, has just released their hugely popular adventure game Ittle Dew onto Google Play. Ittle Dew has been available on Windows, Mac, and OUYA for a couple of months now, so it’s great to see that us Android gamers finally get a chance to check out  this hilarious and incredibly charming adventure game. Ittle Dew feels a lot like classic adventure games like The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past, but with with an obvious modern look and feel. The game features stunning hand-drawn HD “wobble” graphics, fun gameplay, and a script that feels like it was written by the guys over at Adult Swim. The gameplay is highly addicting and it’s classic elements are sure to give gamers a nice kick of nostalgia too.

screenshot_01 screenshot_23

The story of Ittle Dew follows the adventures of the young adventuress Ittle Dew and her trusty sidekick Tippsie. Their adventure begins when the two of them crash onto a mysterious island that is filled with truly bizarre inhabitants and a tonne of precious loot. You quickly come to the realization that you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime as you come across some truly devious puzzles, classic adventure gameplay, and a huge and colourful world to explore.

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  • Lots of secrets and shortcuts to explore
  • Combine your tools in ingenious ways
  • Beautiful hand-drawn HD wobble graphics


Ittle Dew is a fabulous Zelda-esque adventure gmae that has finally been made available for Android gamers. This classic adventure game will cost you a mere $3 on Google Play, which a real steal considering it is selling for $13.99 on OUYA and PC! Definitely jump on this game right away! You wont be disappointed.

Developer Website: Ludosity

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  • Vrtfrank

    Great game! It’s a Zelda clone with a little bit Lufia but has own ideas and a very humorous touch. Not so complex but great fun and very cute polished graphics. Wanna have more of such games! One quirk controls aren’t that good. Hope for improvement there… Nevertheless : Must Buy!

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