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Space Sim Darkdawn: Encounters Makes The Jump To Android

Designing a space combat sim around the idea of being the commander of a massive war ship can be a tricky task. There have been several different games based on this engaging concept, with each emphasizing unique aspects of what sitting in the captain’s chair might feel like. While some have been better than others, none have been able to capture the epic scale and beauty of space warfare like indie developer LeoCeballos magnificent new entry in the genre called Darkdawn: Encounters.

Rather than focus on droll minutia and boring time management like other games, Darkdawn: Encounters gives players full control over a massive capitol ship as it engages in combat with enemy fleets. A mix of strategy and action, players will need to outmaneuver and outthink their opponents in order to win the day.

darkdawnss2    darkdawns3

There is an impressive amount of nuance to Darkdawn: Encounters gameplay. Players will need to familiarize themselves with concepts like angling their attack trajectory and rotating their ships orientation so lesser damaged portions of the hull can take the cannon fire other parts of the ship can’t. A massive amount of customization options lets players develop their own strategy by outfitting their ship with varied weapons, exotic engine boosters, and experimental prototypes.


Darkdawn: Encounters is gorgeous, enthralling, and patently unique. It’s currently in active development with plans for a fully fleshed out campaign mode alongside the current battle modes. You can pick it up now for $.99 as a special launch sale price on Google Play. So get it now before the price goes up, this is one game you don’t want to miss.

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    Seems a bit like Starfleet Command! Loved those games!

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