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Truly Stunning Point & Click Adventure Game Morphopolis Arrives on Android

Morphopolis is a unique new point-and-click adventure game that is set in the beautiful world of an insect microcosm that has been presented through truly stunning (and award winning) hand-drawn graphics. This game has somehow been created by a small two person indie studio called Micro Macro. Morphopolis’ programming was done entirely by the programming guru and architectural genius Dan Walters, and the game’s luscious visuals were crafted by the well known architectural designer and illustrator Ceri Williams. Together these two have managed to release on of the most beautiful games that has been released on any platform to date.


In Morphopolis you take control of an aphid grub that is beginning his epic journey through his metamorphosis. This journey will take the player on a lucid and fantastical trip that is all about transformation and discovery. Along your travels you will interact with the beautifully illustrated world while solving brain teasing puzzles and collecting hidden objects that are scattered throughout the environment. The visually beautiful gameplay is accompanied by an equally beautiful musical score, and together they draw the player into a mesmerizing game world they wont soon forget.


The developers gained their inspiration for Morphopolis from some classic point-and-click games like Machinarium and the Tiny Bang Story. They’ve hoping that Morphopolis will stand out as something unique because of the game’s strong visual aesthetics and unique gameplay perspective. Morphopolis has been largely designed using the team’s extensive architectural training, and they feel the lessons they have learned has helped them to create a unique voice in the competitive genre of point-and-click games.


Morphopolis’ artist Ceri Williams has stated that “There has been a great deal of debate recently about whether games can be art. We believe that this runs much deeper than just aesthetic choices, but about how the experience makes the player feel. We have worked hard on how we combine the illustration style, specially composed music, and player interactions to create an immersive experience where players can lose themselves.” I feel that this team has achieved their vision in brilliant style, and I highly recommend that any and all gamers check this game out.

Morphopolis isn’t currently available on Google Play, but there are two different methods for gamers to acquire it. The first way is to buy the game bundle that includes the Android, Windows, and Mac version of the game, and this costs $9.99 (click on the Micro Macro logo below and head to the bottom of the page), or the Android version can be purchased separately on the Amazon App Store for just $3.99 (just click on the logo below to be redirected).

If you are looking to get lost in a truly stunning masterpiece of a game you must pick up Morphopolis today. Gaming just doesn’t get any more beautiful than this.


Developer Website: Micro Macro

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