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Conquer The Galaxy In Epic New Strategy Game Star Arena

It’s tough being a fan of strategy games on Android these days. As the genre slowly falls prey to the specter of monetization it has become increasingly more difficult to find an engaging, no-nonsense real time strategy game that isn’t plagued by a pay to win formula. Fortunately there are still indie developers like mobile games studio Tidbit that remember what made games like Starcraft and Command & Conquer fun in the first place, as is evidenced by their stellar new RTS Star Arena which has recently arrived on Google Play.

Part Starcraft, part DOTA, Star Arena is a fast paced sci-fi strategy game that retools classic PC strategy gameplay into a winning mobile formula. As either the commander of a battalion of brave space marines or a cunning alien overlord, players will attempt to destroy the opposing force using their wits and superior firepower. The action is swift and fluid, with almost every unit in the game being weak against another unit, knowing how to quickly recognize and overcome your opponents strategy is the key to victory in Star Arena.

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  • Ad Free, and no pay to win aspects. When you buy the game, you own the entire game, period.
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Full 3D HD Graphics, scales to any resolution, tablet or phone!
  • Single Player modes (Skirmish and Campaign)
  • Fast Paced, Fun, Competitive Gameplay
  • Leaderboard and algorithmic ranking system, compete for the top 5 positions!
  • 2 playable races
  • Easy intuitive controls, Drag to Pan, Pinch to Zoom, Field of View adjustment
  • 7 Dynamic Multiplayer levels (8 SinglePlayer), single and multi-lanes for different play strategies
  • Unit upgrades and special racial weapons


Addicting gameplay, impressive visuals, and intuitive design make Star Arena the best mobile strategy game to come along in ages. You can pick it up now for $.99 on Google Play.

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