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Legendary Fighting Game Soul Calibur Slices Onto Google Play

Great news for fighting game fans today as the classic 3D fighting game Soul Calibur has arrived on Google Play after months of being exclusive to Japan. While it was speculated that we may never see Soul Calibur available worldwide at all, that is happily not the case. This mobile version of Namco Bandai’s seminal Dreamcast fighter brings overhauled HD graphics, an intuitive control scheme tailor made for touchscreens, and a plethora of extra modes that are sure to appeal to the nostalgic fan in all of us.

Like the 1999 original, Soul Calibur is a highly technical arena fighter with an emphasis on hand-to-hand weapons combat. Players choose from one of 19 unique warriors that each possess a deadly fighting style or weapon, then lay waste to their opponents in one of many different challenge modes like Survival. This sheer amount of diversity between Soul Calibur‘s characters is one of the reasons why this fan favorite series continues to thrive even today. Other notable additions include support for multiplayer matches over bluetooth and an informative interactive museum to help newcomers learn the history of Soul Calibur.



  • 19 character roster!
  • All character moves faithfully recreated!
  • A new virtual game pad that has been fine-tuned specifically for fighting games.
  • A diverse set of game modes.


A visually impressive update of one of gaming’s most legendary fighters, Soul Calibur is available now for about $7 on Google Play.

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  • WhoaManWtF

    If it had Moga support I would drop the 7 bucks in a heart beat, but with no controller support, no thanks…

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