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The New Android-Only Game Bundle Site Releases a Great 5 Game Bundle for just $2.49!

A new Android-only bundle site has just launched and it’s known as is a bundle service that works in a similar fashion to sites like Humble Bundle and Indie Gala, but what makes it stand out is that it only releases Android games. This is a very cool idea, as other bundle sites can often go weeks without offering any bundles with Android games, and often times their offerings are rather scant. will be be offering gamers a new bundle every 1 to 3 weeks, and each bundle will consist of approximately 4 to 6 Android games. And judging by the solid line-up of games in the “Numero Uno” bundle plus the whopping 75% discount from the Google Play prices make a site you’re going to want to check regularly!

The model that has implemented offers benefits not only for gamers, but also for the developers involved too. For gamers they huge discounts will certainly draw in more gamers to the games, and in turn developers will enjoy seeing more gamers checking out their masterpieces. Jose Iria, the founder of stated that “On the one hand you can feel this huge consumer excitement about Android gaming at the moment, while on the other hand you see developers constantly struggling to obtain some visibility” and continued with “’s central goal is to rethink the way Android games get discovered both by casual and hardcore gamers”. It seems like a great goal to me!


The launch bundle appropriately named “Numero Uno” includes these fantastic games:

They Need to Be Fed is a casual gravity platformer by YoYo Games with over 50.000 downloads on Google Play.

Bridge Constructor Playground is a fun bridge building simulator by Headup Games with over 10.000 downloads on Google Play (and over 1M downloads of its free version).

Hero of Many is a unique atmospheric action adventure game by Trickster Arts with over 10.000 downloads on Google Play.

Don’t Run with a Plasma Sword is an endless runner with tons of content by XperimentalZ Games, recently released on Android and hugely popular on iOS (over half a million downloads).

Streetfood Tycoon Extreme is an ad-free version of Streetfood Tycoon by Kuyi Mobile featuring exclusive content and with over 50.000 downloads on the Amazon Appstore. is a new bundle site that all Android gamers should keep a close eye on. Their first bundle has some a truly awesome games which gives me high hopes for their future releases. So head over to and give “Numero Uno” a download today!


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  • I find it really cool to see an android-only bundle site…too bad I cant afford to support 2 bundle sites right now, so I’ll stick with Humble for the time being…will be keeping a close eye on this one though, looks really promising

    • John Watson

      Bundles cost like 1-5 dollars each for 5-8 games. And aside from the weekly sales which are really hit and miss the regular android bundle only come a few times every few months. You really can’t afford that?

      • No job sadly (I blame living in Spain) and no personal bank account…and being well over 20 years old, I kind’a feel bad asking my parents to borrow theirs for game bundles
        If they added SMS payment or some form of gift cards that are sold in my area, it would’ve been great though (or even SMS payment)

  • sean

    I would have but I own most of the games.

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