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Furiosity, Bart Bonte’s Newest Puzzler Lands on Google Play.

Bart Bonte, the developer of a few of the most addictive indie puzzlers you’ll find on Google Play (sugar,sugar and factory balls) has just released another surefire hit. This new game is called Furiosity and it is a logic puzzler that started actually started out as a small browser game (check it out here: Furiosity)  that was designed for an indie game jam put on by Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail and Fernando Ramallo.

fur3 fur2 fur1

Bart Bonte’s idea for Furiosity stemmed from Peter Molyneux’s “Curiosity”. In that game gamers were tasked with mindlessly tapping away at blocks on a giant cube with the ultimate goal of being the one to click on the very last block. The person to do this was then to be awarded with the ‘life-changing amazing’ thing that was inside. Barte Bonte designed Furiosity around Curiosity… but he made it what Curiosity would have been if it was an actual game.

As a browser game Furiosity had 40 levels and the first person to beat all 40 levels at the game jam was awarded with something ‘life-changing amazing’: to be the game’s final level!   However, since the game jam Bart has completely redesigned and optimized Furiosity for mobile devices and the game now has 144 levels that each require their own logic for success.


Bart Bonte’s release of Furiosity is yet another one of his unique puzzlers that is sure to get puzzle fans excited. Head on over to Google Play right away and grab this surefire hit today!

Developer Website: Bonte Games

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