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Swipe Based Brawler Burst Brings Stylish Action To Android

A superb new arcade style action game called Burst has arrived on Google Play that utilizes a unique approach to fast paced arcade combat on a mobile device. The brainchild of indie developer Probe Games, Burst is an action heavy beat ’em up that feels like an absurdly awesome mash up of Devil May Cry and Fruit Ninja. Unlike virtually every other action game on Android, Burst doesn’t make use of a virtual gamepad but rather employs an intuitive swipe based system that utilizes all of the 3D gamespace.

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Burst tells the tale of a lone warrior whose been sent to find and eliminate the source of a deadly plague of mutant monsters that have overrun his sci-fi fantasy world. This means taking the fight to them and thus players begin their descent into the enemies lair armed with nothing but a pair of swords and an attitude. Since the games hero possesses super human speed players can swipe anywhere on the screen to have him slice away at opponents weak spots or deftly maneuver into position for a critical blow. Their are tons of different enemy types including huge bosses to watch out for and each have their own special abilities. It’s great fun swiping away at hordes of enemies as they attempt to eliminate the games protagonist.


A unique action experience filled with gorgeous graphics and addicting gameplay, Burst will blow you away. It’s available now for $.99 on Google Play.

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