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Dragon Quest I Remake Arrives On Mobile Devices In Japan

With news of the classic PS2 RPG Dragon Quest VIII coming to mobile devices in the near future making the rounds, it seems Square Enix has come to the decision to release the very first Dragon Quest on Android in anticipation of Dragon Quest VIII‘s arrival. A wise move as any news of Dragon Quest I‘s release would have surely been overshadowed by the more technically impressive Dragon Quest VIII.

That’s not to say the original Dragon Quest hasn’t also seen a good deal of re-imagining for its touchscreen debut. Much like the graphical overhaul the Final Fantasy series received on Android, this new mobile edition of Dragon Quest I has been completely reworked with a more detailed 16-bit style graphics engine and for the first time ever a sweeping orchestral soundtrack helps bring an epic mood to the proceedings.


When gamers first saw screenshots of Dragon Quest VIII on mobile, many were dismayed by the games new portrait orientation and wondered if this odd new perspective would carry over to the other Dragon Quest games on mobile. The answer to that question appears to be a resounding yes as for better or for worse, Dragon Quest I runs in Portrait Mode as well. While there are some good arguments for why Dragon Quest VIII would benefit from running in portrait mode, here it seems slightly out of place.


For the moment Dragon Quest I is only available in Japan, and while Square Enix has yet to announce plans for a worldwide release of any of the Dragon Quest games it’s logical to assume that this legendary series of RPGs will eventually make their way around the world. If you do live in Japan though you can pick up Dragon Quest I for free through the Dragon Quest Portal until December 10th.

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