Published on December 18th, 2013 | by Craig Forshey


New Emu Reicast Finally Brings Dreamcast To Android

When it comes to emulation on Android, it seems there is no platform too complex for indie devs to reverse engineer in order to bring to our phones and tablets. However, one elusive emulation milestone in particular has dogged coders and generated more controversy than perhaps any other mobile emulation project, I speak of course of conquering the mighty Sega Dreamcast.

The developers behind the iconic Dreamcast emulator NullDC took it upon themselves to achieve this herculean feat with a mobile release of NullDC for Android and have been toiling away ever since. And while it’s been quite some time since we’ve heard any new information out of the project, it seems NullDC’s developers have been beaten to the coding punch as an indie dev by the name of Nillware has created and released their own fork of NullDC called Reicast on Google Play, and what’s more, it’s already running alot of games at full speed.


Although it’s still a very early alpha, Reicast’s graphical capabilities are undeniably impressive for the stage of development it’s in. There isn’t currently any way to tweak graphics settings in order to increase performance however, in fact there’s not even a settings menu at all yet. That will all change of course as Reicast continues to be updated and improved. OUYA owners will be pleased to hear Reicast was actually developed on an OUYA, so Reicast comes fully OUYA optimized right “out of the box”.


It’s been a long wait, but Dreamcast emulation is finally here. Even better, it’s coming along better than anyone could have hoped for. You can download Reicast right now on Google Play for completely free.

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  • Shota

    as awesome as it seems and works, i don’t want a future where smartphones becomes the place to play oldschool games on (especially touchscreens) maybe a little bit here and there to kill time. I better play on psp or ds my emulators.

    • yomachaser

      But both of those are emulated on android already and can be played with a controller and out to a tv. I think the future of mobile is pretty good actually.

      • Shota

        i hope so

  • Simon Stevens

    bom bom bom, another one joins the club

  • mpvega58 .

    Works on my nook hd but the LT and RT buttons are not working in shenmue 1 I can’t zoom to lock on things to pick it up or run help.

  • raak

    it works.I have try it with “code veronica” but its very slow the game.

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