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Action RPG Magic Rampage Steps Through The Portal Onto Android

Indie developer Asantee Games, the studio behind the sleeper hit puzzler Magic Portals, is back with a spiritual successor called Magic Rampage that ditches the mind bending puzzles of its predecessor in favor of a good old fashioned Ghouls ‘N Ghosts style action RPG. Like Magic Portals, Magic Rampage is a gorgeous looking 2D sidescoller filled with amazing visuals and unique gameplay, but this time it also comes with non-stop zombie bashing, looting, and more secret areas than you can shake a stick at. Both an homage to old school side scrollers like Metroid and a fresh new take on the sidescrolling RPG, Magic Rampage is an impressive followup that shows indie dev Asantee Games has clearly upped its game, literally.

Players take on the role of a freshly recruited soldier whose just begun his/her first day of duty, unfortunately no sooner than you can get your cool looking guard tunic fit just right an evil all powerful wizard takes over the castle and turns most everyone into flesh eating zombies. It’s up to the player to fight their way through the castle using whatever means necessary while collecting powerful weaponry and learning deadly skills along the way. There is tons of loot to collect and secret weapons caches to find which lets you deck out your fighter in a myriad of awesome ways. Bluetooth gamepads are also fully supported to provide a full console experience.

magicrampagess1 magicrampagess2


  • Customize your own character
  • Dozens of lethal weapons, from knives to magical staffs
  • Integrated with Google Play Game’s services
  • Explore dungeons filled with threatening creatures
  • Fast and fluid controls
  • Deep and engaging combat mechanics
  • Collect new weapons and armor for your characters
  • Loot all the gold you can carry
  • Many obstacles and secret areas to explore
  • Physics-based puzzles


Magic Rampage is an addicting homage to 16-bit action RPGs that Castlevania fans will swoon over. You can pick it up right now for free on Google Play.

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