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One-Touch Platformer ‘Twisted Adventures: Little Red Riding Hood’ Jumps onto Google Play

Twisted Adventures: Little Red Riding Hood is a new adventure game for Android that takes place in the classic storyline of the Red Riding Hood fairytale… but with a couple of major twists. This time around you’re not simply dealing with the Big Bad Wolf. No, this time around you’re up against a legion of deadly shadow creatures that will stop at nothing to keep you from making it safely to Granny’s house. In addition to the shadow creatures Little Red Riding Hood will encounter a large number of challenging physics based jumping puzzles that will require pinpoint accuracy and expert timing to complete. Little Red Riding Hood is going to have to be brave and put her fears behind her if she hopes to make it safely through the dark woods and put an end to the troublesome army of shadow creatures.


The gameplay in TA: Little Red Riding Hood is quite reminiscent of that found in the award winning action platformer Little Galaxy; and this certainly isn’t a bad thing. You’ll travel through a number of stunning yet creepy environments as you jump your way from floating island to floating island. Your goal is simply to collect as many apples and flowers as you can while also doing what you can to free each of your little bunny friends from the cages they’ve been locked up in. It’s a simple concept for sure, but once new elements like shadow wolves and shadow bats into the mix you’ll realise that TA: Little Red Riding Hood is going to require some serious skill to master.


  • An Intriguing story.
  • Very easy to play.
  • 60 challenging levels in gorgeous scenarios.
  • Many collectible items.
  • A stunning art style.


Twisted Adventures: Little Red Riding Hood is a fantastic adventure game that is free to play online over at, but if you want to experience all the game has to offer you’ll need to grab yourself the Android version of the game. The paid version available on Google Play will give gamers access to additional content like extra levels, cutscenes, a spectacular ending, and best of all you’ll get to take the game with you wherever you go! So what are you waiting for? Jump over to Google Play to grab this sure fire hit today!

Developer Website: Cerebral Games

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